Who is Tricor?

Tricor offers a wide range of innovative, value-added automotive products and services aimed at enhancing the vehicle purchasing and ownership experience. We are a franchised business owned by a group of new vehicle automotive dealerships that represent all makes of transportation product across Canada.


All of our members follow a strict code of ethics and are dedicated to offering customers an upgraded level of service. Choosing a Tricor-affiliated dealer means you have access to in-house products and services that deliver enhanced protection for you and your vehicle, all backed by the individual dealer.

Tricor Lease and Finance Corporation is available to all qualified purchasers of new and pre-owned vehicles, providing instant approval for qualified applicants. Tricor offers a dedicated source for your financing that won’t tie up your borrowing power with banks or other financial institutions. It also allows new vehicle customers to take advantage of a rebate in lieu of subsidized financing as part of their vehicle purchase or lease.

Finance & Lease


TRICARE provides coverage for mechanical breakdown repairs beyond the

manufacturer’s original warranty, so that you can choose the plan that best

suits your driving and financial needs.

Extended Warranties


Purchasing a vehicle is an exciting time. You’ve budgeted and saved wisely for  your new investment, and now it’s time to make another important decision that will protect your financial obligation. Whether you are financing or leasing your vehicle, there are several options available to help protect your good credit and your family.

Credit Insurance


Environmental Protection

Rust can happen anywhere on your vehicle. A simple spray product cannot protect it from all forms of rust especially on the outer panels and above the window line.

Vehicle Protection

Corporate Offices

Tricor Automotive Group Inc.

c/o Peter Harris

330 Bay Street Suite 505

Toronto, ON

M5H 2S8



Phone: (317) 818-4983

Fax: (317) 818-4985

Tricor Lease & Finance Corporation

P.O. Box 397

Burlington, ON

L7R 3Y3




Phone: 1-866-876-4401

Fax: 1-877-888-7836