Woman examining damage to exterior of vehicle.

Tricare Hazard Protect

Offers coverage for unexpected damage such as door dings, scuffed rims, punctured tires or lost key remotes.

Tricare Hazard Protect.

We all know that no matter how careful you are, there are hazards that will cause damage to your vehicle; from annoying accidental parking lot dents to the costly replacement of damaged wheels and tires. Tricare Hazard Protect is for life’s costly mishaps that you just can’t avoid.

Whether you purchase or lease your vehicle, you will be glad you have this protection. Tricare Hazard Protect is a collection of services that cover the frequent and often costly issues that are not “mechanical”.

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Great

The coverages available in Tricare Hazard Protect cover the types of things that are not a matter of “if” they happen, but “when” they happen. Since they are unexpected, we aren’t prepared for these aggravations and the cost to repair them is often quite expensive.

For instance, replacing a lost, stolen or damaged key isn’t as simple as having a new one cut. Modern chip technology has made replacing a key an expensive proposition, unless you’re covered by Tricare Hazard Protect. Having this protection gives you peace of mind.

Depending on the coverage you purchase, up to all of these may be included:

  • Tire and rim road hazard protection with cosmetic wheel repair
  • Paint scratches
  • Headlight/taillight/fog light
  • Spot removal
  • Dent and ding coverage
  • Key/remote replacement
  • Rip/tear/burn
  • Windshield repair or replacement
    (Not available in AB, SK, MB, YK, NT or NU)

Coverages Can Be Purchased Individually or in One of Three Bundled Packages

Added bonus: All bundled packages include substitute transportation for the chosen term.

Added Bonus: Roadside Assistance Is Included in All Selections.

Roadside assistance benefits are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Canada and the continental United States. It includes:



Lockout Service

Fluid Delivery

Cost of fluids is extra and must be paid when service is rendered.

Flat Tire Changes

Roadside assistance utilizes your vehicle's inflated spare.

Concierge Service

For services like emergency phone support and courtesy calls to relatives, etc.

Please ask your Tricor dealer for full program and contract details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and coverage.

Tricare Hazard Protect is fully insured by licensed Canadian insurance companies.

Tricare Hazard Protect PDF.